At least the Jazz are at the top of one standing!  Riggin’ for Wiggins is going full speed ahead.


"The Jazz came up short against OKC on opening night, but they showed some good stuff.  Get excited , Jazz fans: it’s gonna be a wild ride."


"Utah Jazz tonight! You gotta love it, baby!"

- My own brain

Brad Rock: Timeout should end for Jerry Sloan | Deseret News

What do you think?  Should Jerry come back, or should he be content with the way he went out?  Check out the above link to Brad Rock’s opinion on Deseret News.  I say get him back on the sidelines, working his magic with a few young Bucks (excuse the pun), and get the man a Coach of the Year for once in his awesome career.  Lube up the artificial knees, Jerry: it’s time!


B.O.B. brings us into the 2012-13 regular season, reminding us that it is game time for the Utah Jazz.  The Dallas Mavericks are in town, fresh off a nice victory against the Lakers.  Hopefully the Jazz give them a good show tonight in EnergySolutions Arena.  Game time, baby!!